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Nodeka is massive. With over 100,000 rooms, in over 90 areas, spanning five continents, you won't run out of places to explore. Below is a brief description of many of the areas across the Nodekian globe.

Click the below map of Gedaon, one of five Nodekian continents, to see the full version. The below map was drawn by Nodeka's in-game map.


The Isles of Drale

The Brigand's Noose

The Noose is a hook-shaped cluster of hills and cliffs found in the Direwood. The landscape is ruggedly beautiful. Narrow game trails encircle steep peaks, and crystal-clear rivers flow rapidly in gorges around the bases like sparkling necklaces. Groves of trees grow on rocky outcroppings, which provide a breath-taking view of the forest that the Noose encircles. To date, however, all the routes down to the forested valley have proven too treacherous to be
negotiated, and it remains shrouded in mystery.

The rugged terrain is home to a spectrum of fauna as well, as well as a number of the shadier sort, who seek refuge from justice in the many secluded glades and hidden caverns of the region.

Shtera Graveyard

An ancient burial ground located south of Ruushi, this area contains the tombs of the now vanished Shtera tribes. There are two graveyards - the righteous and good Shterans were buried in the northern section, and the evil and thieving Shterans were buried in the southern graveyard. It is said that the restless spirits of all the Shterans roam about the crypt, seeking vengeance upon those that murdered their tribe. However, the true power that has raised the dead of an entire people remains unknown.

Church of the Sun

Set in an idylic grove near the southern gate of Ruushi, the Church of the Sun is home to a group of pixies who devote themselves to worshipping the sun. The church itself is a beautiful structure, but for some reason there is a sinister aspect to the place, as if not everything is what it seems. Strange creatures resembling goblins are often glimpsed scurrying through the trees and foliage - strange company for the devout.


A city of platforms and catwalks high above the ground, G'kir is built entirely in the upper limbs of a forest of monolithic trees to the southeast of Ruushi. The city is inhabited by the G'Kir clan of elves, a warrior society who take fierce pride in their ability in battle. The wood and vine catwalks stretching gracefully from tree to tree are often splattered with the blood of trainees,
and severed limbs of enemies of the G'kir are often nailed to the the majestic plants themselves. However, despite the warlike and barbaric ways of the G'kir, the compound itself is quite a breathtaking sight.

The Orcish Outpost of Xuvgra

A large, flat, bloody field scattered with corpses and reeking of rot, blood, and sweat, the Outpost of Xuvgra serves as the training site for the armies of the powerful orog magi. Undead necromancers and orog mages practice deadly magics alongside orcish raiders, valkyries, and marauders. The Outpost is filled with orcs, half-orcs, orogs, and various other cross-breed mercenaries, the only things worse than the gruesome sights within is the stench.

The Orcish Town of Xuvgra

Set in a valley to the south of the Orog Peaks and west of the Orcish Outpost, the orcish shanty-town of Xuvgra is the squalid home of the warriors and mages who train by day in the Outpost, as well as an assortment of vagrants, street urchins, thieves, and thugs. Hard packed dirt roads lead between the various huts and filthy shacks. Xuvgra is run with an iron fist by an infamously mean and large orog who dwells in the center of the town.

Island of Bayesh

A large, mist-shrouded forested island, Bayesh lies in the Lont Sea on the western coast of Gedaon. The forest is home to fearsome wildcats and huge timber wolves vying for prey. A town lies in the the center of the island, hidden by the huge trees that surround it. The Bayeshi people are a secretive lot, particularly the priests. Strange cries and shadowy creatures can be seen at night, especially in the northeastern section of the island, and many believe something sinister is at work beneath the innocent facade of the populace. Glimpses of a castle on the northern cliffs of the island can be seen through the mist, but the Bayeshi guards keep away any who might venture within.

Balidon Cove

The village of Balidon Cove is a small and prosperous fishing village on the Aloai Sea, set into the steep grey cliffs of the northern coast of Tarsis. The waters of the cove are protected from the wind by these cliffs, and usually keep the worst wind and weather at bay. The village itself is quaintly pretty, neat rows of houses lining the cobbled streets. At the northeastern end of the town, a number of wharfs and docks extend into the water, and are usually busy with merchant vessels and fishing skiffs.

There are rumors of a colony of lizardmen living in the seaside caves nearby, but they do not bother the town. None of the residents are really sure exactly where the lizardmen reside, but sailors and children often claim to spot them near the water.


The city of Illurien, on the Ebou River in the Ebonwood Forest on Tarsis, is home to the druids, rangers, and elves who tend the ancient forests. Built around the huge enchanted tree known as Leghusir, the entire city is infused with protective druidic magics that coax nature from wildness into something more habitable. A wall of aspens, growing together more tightly than the most closely fitted stones, surrounds and protects the city.

Nature is deeply respected by all the residents, but Illurien still flourishes with normal city business - a bustling marketplace and waterfront, guildmasters and trainers for growing adventurers, and much more. Illurien is also home to a number of mage guilds, the most notable among these the great Order of Modeir, and a thriving community of hobbits called the Surborough.

Order of Modeir

The Tower of the Moon and the Tower of Light are the headquarters of the Order of Modeir, a powerful and respected guild of sorcery. Located in Illurien, it is where applicants journey to apply to the tower, and also serves as home to the apprentices and teachers of the Order alike.

The Towers of Lkkt-Vao

To the east of the Sun Cult, south of Ruushi proper, stand the Towers of Lkkt-Vao. The only remnants of a civilization that vanished eons ago, the massive limestone towers now serve as the breeding and hatching grounds for a number of different species of drakes. The drakes are smaller than their dragon cousins who inhabit the tower to the north, and their sparkling colors can be breath-takingly beautiful, but the drakes are fierce and deadly predators, and should
be approached with caution.


The city of Rhall is a theocracy ruled by the High Priest of Noctune. All the citizens are followers of Noctune, though some are more fanatical than others. The temple of Noctune is often called the "jewel of Rhall", a beautiful and luxurious building that dominates the northern part of the city and serves as a home to the the priests of Noctune. South of the temple lies the bazaar, where
exotic goods from all over Gedaon can be found. To the east and west lie the slums, a squalid district that is said to be the home of the city's organized crime.

The more practical matters of the city are handled by the watchmen, a notoriously ruthless and immoral lot, and it is often rumored that they collaborate with the Smuggler's Guild, their supposed enemies.

The Kobolds Lair

Found on the west coast of Gedaon, the Kobold's Lair is a vast subterranean cavern that serves as a den for hundreds of kobolds. Mineral-rich springs and streams trickle through the caverns, giving them a damp, musty odor, which the kobolds themselves only make more pungent. Kobolds are small, dog-like animals, distantly related to goblins. They are sly and quick, and their muzzles are filled with sharp fangs that can rend and tear as well as a fine steel sword.

The Kon-Taro Jungle

The Kon-Taro Jungle is said to have once been a tropical paradise, filled with birds with plumage more colorful than the rainbow and songs sweeter than honey. However, long ago, a clan of elves was banished from their homeland for practicing the dark arts of necromancy. They settled in the Kon-Taro because of its beauty, but the fell energies of their magicks subverted and twisted the jungle's life, turning it into the forbidding and dangerous place it is today.
The Thari, as the descendants of the necromancers are called, have forgotten their magic, but must now live with the consequences of their ancestors' evil deeds. The Kon-Taro is now a maze of perilous paths, fraught with dangerous (and often very hungry) beasts.


The greatest goblin stronghold and city in the world of Nodeka, Oshmigosh is exactly what one would expect from the center of goblin civilization - dilapidated, dirty, disorganized, and dangerous. Its location is a closely kept secret by goblins - some have even been known to refuse to give up its whereabouts when offered a plump dead rat. The reason no one knows where it actually is is probably more due to the fact that goblins don't know how to give directions, rather than any reticence on their part. It has been pieced together, however, that Oshmigosh is located somewhere on Tarsis, probably north of the city of Illurien.

The Triage Encampment

On the furthest northwestern reaches of the continent of Tarsis, in a dry and sun-scorched desert, lies the Triage Encampment. Three communities make up the encampment, the reason for the settlement's name. Cousins to the dwarves of Krynn, the nomadic dwarves living here are a hardy lot ruled by a monarchy and council of elders. The Ixtha are humanoid insects who use their hardened crustaceous exoskeletons as both weapons and armor, resembling giant mantises.
The Derkai are lizard-like beasts, more vicious thanthey are intelligent. The three races live together in a peace forged out of a need for survival rather than friendship, and the atmosphere in the encampment is usually tense with hostility.

Thinthan Forest

A small enchanted forest to the west of Ruushi, the Thinthan is home to a variety of animals and dryads. Filled with gurgling brooks and peaceful, secluded glades, as well as tingling with magical energy, the forest is a favored spot of magical creatures looking for a quiet place for contemplation.


Hundreds of years ago, a thriving metropolis known as Auriakan was the center of trade and culture in Mhaldryn. It was literally torn in half two centuries ago, split down the middle by a volcanic fissure in a sorcerous war with the neighboring city of Domenai. The chasm ends just in front of the eastern Palace, held in place by an enchanted grove that stabilizes the earth. In the end, Domenai destroyed itself, swallowed by the fissure as the chaotic magic rebounded off the
grove and shattered the earth at its source; but Auriakan and its eastern Palace still thrive, split into two city-halves by the chasm that are now known as the twin cities of Aur-Vindi.

Klieard'n Everglades

The Klieard'n Everglades in the Isles of Drale are an exotic and dangerous location. Unnavigable by boats or ships because of countless reefs and reed filled shallows, the wildlife in the everglades is not friendly, and often hungry. Adventurers should beware of the schools of pirahna lurking below the waters, as well as the highly territiorial water buffalo who live among the reeds in the shallows. There are rumors of pirates living in the glades, and whispers of the highly secretive race known as the Goufra, who appear to be driving the pirates out of what they consider their home.

Vl'lak Grounds

The Vl'lakian hunting grounds lie close to the southeast of Ruushi. Home to the Ogres of Vl'lak, it is a hazardous area frequented by only the brave or the foolhardy. A highly matriarchal society, the Vl'lak males protect and serve the females. There are rumors that the ogres are planning on invading Ruushi itself, but most pronounce them as paranoid nonsense.

The Belkan Tundra

A vast stretch of icy plains between the Dead Plains and the Belkan Mountains on the north coast of Gedaon, the Belkan Tundra is cold and inhospitable. A surprising diversity of life abounds in the tundra, however - ragged trees, lichens, snow rabbits, tundra wolves, ice bears, and even a breed of goblins known as the icelings. Several rivers formed by slowly melting glaciers flow through the tundra, treacherous ice floes lining the length of the river.

Lord Braggi's Proving Ground

A massive maze designed by Braggi, a general in Stormhaven's armies, the Proving Grounds are a maze of deadly obstacles intended to sieve out worthy warriors to join Braggi's armies. The adventurer who has the cunning to solve the Ground's mazes and the strength to defeat its guardians and obtain the Prize is deemed a worthy soldier, and given leave to access Stormhaven and offer his or her services to the King.


Ancestral home to the mighty cloud giants and their kin, Stormhaven is a massive and imposing city. For millenia they have warred for their territory with the great albino dragons, summoning demons to aid them in their battles. However, the powerful archmage Ulem summoned a demon lord he beyond even his abilities to control, and now the titans have forged an unlikely alliance with their ancient rivals, the white dragons, to battle the demonic legions called forth by the
demon lord. Stormhaven is the site of a battle between two extremely powerful forces, and only the bravest and strongest of adventurers would have any chance of not being utterly crushed into oblivion.

Ancient Barrows

A massive catacombs filled with the tombs of fallen warriors from some ancient kingdom, the Ancient Barrows serve as the home and laboratory of a powerful necromancer. Drawing on the the near limitless supply of dead, his dark magics have raised the undead in huge numbers. There are rumors that the entrance to the tomb of Autur, a powerful magic-user from antiquity, is located somewhere in the barrows. Perhaps the necromancers are drawing on the powers contained within his resting place.

The Bhalin Deeps

Found in the mountains of southern Mhaldryn, the Bhalin Deeps are home to a variety of fearsome monsters - colonies of trolls, margoyles, umber hulks, and xorn. Some of these beasts are reputed to be extremely unfriendly. Deep within the grottos lies the gnomish city of Bhalin, contained entirely within an immense cavern fabled to have been carved out of the rock with the assistance of the gnomish god of magic. The underground city is lit by giant luminescent gems embedded into the wall, which are excavated by the deep gnomes from their vast networks of mines.

Rogha Fen

Rogha Fen, located in the northern coastal waters of Mhaldryn, is filled with multitudes of diverse plants and animals. A fast stretch of muddy, forested wetlands, the fens are filled with swarms of dragonflies and wasps, mosquitos and snakes, clever murkdogs and the ridiculous but deadly bladderworts, the fens are certainly an showcase to the diversity of life on Nodeka, but the exotic beauty of many of its residents does not detract from the hazards of the fens.

The Misty Hills

To the west of the kingdom of Krynn lie the Misty Hills. A large expanse of rolling hills that are nearly always covered by a thick, rolling mist, the hills are home to misty dwarves, cousins to the dwarves of Krynn who prefer the outdoors to the city, and the powerful mist giants. Rumors mention a tower somewhere in the northwestern part of the hills.

Dwarven Kingdom: Dungeon

A large network of mines run beneath the dwarven city of Krynn, where dwarven and duskar miners extract the precious metals and ores used by the fabled smiths of Krynn. Duskars are a tough, warlike sect of dwarves who are more comfortable living deep beneath the ground than their sun-loving cousins in Krynn. The duskars also guard a dungeon in the furthest depths of the mine which is said to contain the most dangerous criminals in the dwarven nation.

The Chaos

A spinning, swirling, chaotic void, it is always unclear which way is up and which way is down in the aptly named Chaos. Lost souls are often trapped in the Chaos, doomed to an eternity of futile wandering. A family of highly magical giants resides there, feeding on the chaotic energies and the life-forces of the trapped souls.


Found somewhere on Gedaon, Arcadia is an Olympian dwelling place of gods. Crafted from their vast powers into a garden paradise, Arcadia is filled with lush trees bearing ripe and succulent fruit, and beds of soft moss more comfortable than the finest down. Several majestic but fearsome beasts guard the treasures of the gods. The gods themselves derive while away the time by masquerading among their creations in disguise.

The Duchy of Khan-Lith

Nestled in a lush green valley southwest of the Khan-Lith mountain, the Duchy of Khan-Lith is a sprawling city containing many wonders - among them Handor's Pyramid, the Grove of Belis, the beatiful Public Gardens, the Temple of Avi, and the massive Colosseum. A worthy tourist attraction, it also boasts a number of fine inns and street vendors with exotic wares. Perhaps the lucky visitor will even get an audience with Duke Arandt in the Palace of the Dukes. Be warned,
however - even life-long residents sometimes get lost in the city's maze-like warren of streets.

Iron Claw Fortress

South of the Duchy of Khan-Lith lies the might Iron Claw Fortress. Led by the Warlord Benedict, the Fortress is dedicted to one thing and one thing only - war. Crimson warriors, powerful grey-cloaked sorcerers, and the stealthy black cloaks comprise the bulk of Iron Claw's forces. The most elite warriors reside in the Citadel with the Fortress's commanders and generals. The soldiers of Iron Claw are extremely careful of the keep's security and consider any visitors an invasive threat.

Realm of the Ancients

The site where a powerful civilization flourished in ages long forgotten, the Realm of the Ancients was destroyed long ago by a wizard of their own kind who traded his humanity and his people for immortality. Some are rumored to have fled their total destruction, but the majority of the landscape is twisted and ruined, populated by legions of undead things, animated to a semblance of life by their ancient betrayer.

The Abyss

Being the most dangerous and ever-changing land in all of Nodeka, the Abyss is no place for the undertrained. Inside this immense maze you'll find huge demons and intimidating angels. Beware and heed the warnings, for this place could surely be your demise.

The Asylum

Rumors speak of a haunted sanitarium deep within the heart of Gedaon. While only few witnesses have said to have seen it and make it back alive, stories about the place have been told by many. The stories included tortured spirits who were patients in the asylum. There's also been tales of an extremely insane spirit locked away deep within this feared facility.

Dorin Foothills / Heights

Towering above the mild Dorin foothills are the Dorin Heights. This isolated mountain range is one of the least accessible on Nodeka, in fact there is only one know pass, the Dormal Pass. Towering crags, knife edge aretes and vast snow fields are a beautiful but desolate backdrop to the numerous snowmelt lakes that form little oasis' in the bottom of each cirque. Wind howls down the valleys whipping the few small gnarled trees that battle for a meager existence.

There are two residents of these mountains that merit special attention. The first are the giant rock crushers, insane frost giants the roam the mountains. According to myth the rock crushers are the forlorn descendants of a tribe of frost giants whose village was wiped out by an avalanche of divine proportions. Believing Cogline had smitten them the survivors, mad with grief, swore to destroy the mountains that Cogline had created. To this day, they spend their entire lives attempting to reduce the Dorin Heights to rubble.

The second notable inhabitants are the Advanced Guard for the Katahdin Keep. These masterful scouts patrol the hills searching for potential threats to the Keep. Much mystery surrounds other duties rumored for these guards, nothing is known for certain.

Dragon Tower

Located at the north end of the farming town of Na Pali, the dragon tower is home to an unusual mix of red and blue dragons. Who built the tower is a mystery and as is how these two races of dragon came to live there together. There is rumored to be a dragon of unsurpassed size and age within the tower.

Grunfeld Bogs

A nasty and rank place, the Grunfeld Bogs are avoided by most. There is no truly solid ground, only muck into which you sink slowly enough to permit travel. Shrouded by an ever present fog, the bog is home to a host of unappealing creatures including one that has never been seen, save the tentacles that shoot from the water to grab unsuspecting prey. The only thing of beauty in the bogs is the elusive marsh cat, a large predator that possesses the grace common to felines.

Dwarven Kingdom of Krynn

The mighty kingdom of the Krynn dwarves lies in the northwestern hemisphere of Nodeka. The dwarves in the town are known to be friendly to travelers. The town surrounds a heavily guarded keep, the castle and home of Krynn himself. Rumors of a secret dungeon somewhere within the kingdom continue to circulate.

The Dunari Desert

Etched deep into the heart of the Gedaon continent, scourged by fierce sandstorms, and protected by the fierce D'nari, this desert is carefully tread by those who dare to enter. A once powerful civilization, the Qellan, lies in ruin in the south of the desert, the only remaining members having been enslaved by ruthless D'nari. The D'nari, a stupid race by nature, seemed to have overlooked something in their pillage. What undiscovered treasures does the desert hide?

Empire Ants

Located just south of the sleepy little village of Na Pali is a massive ant hill the height of a cloud giant. Covering this hill are ants the size of small elves. These are the Empire ants. Once their kind populated Nodeka with countless ant hills hence their name. Now only this one hill is known. No one knows what happened to cause their decline. Their tunnels are carved into geometric shapes with uncanny precision and complexity and there are even special tunnels designed to ventilate and cool the hill. The ants are also skilled gardeners, foraging food off all types from the surface with which to grow a special fungus which they then eat.

Geist Mists

This is a desolate place hidden deep within a thick fog in the southern part of Gedaon. There is a very unnatural quality to these mists that is more of an enigma than a reality.

The Town of Kathadin

The town of Katahdin lies in Dormal Pass, high within the Dorin Heights. Ensconced within a large cirque the town was erected around the Katahdin Keep. Nyquist, creator of the Keep, rules the town with a iron fist, a vast and skilled security force, and an uncommon compassion. The town has become a safe haven for those wishing to escape outside authorities and seek a new and lawful life. Despite being populated by criminals of all kinds, the town is virtually free of crime, and a lawful life is required for residence. This is not a temporary refuge for criminals to avoid capture. The town also provides refuge for others, like the G’kir monks who are hunted by their own kind.

The Mazatzal Woods

The Mazatzal woods are a vast forested valley. There is a trail that circles around the woods and numerous side paths that form a confusing maze penetrating the heart of the forest. The forest is a mosaic of different trees each dominating a different region.

The Misty Towers

Rumors speak of this mysterious tower, and how it may soon be accessible. Currently, spellunkers are fiercely searching for any entrance to the tower.

Na Pali

This is a quiet small farming town. It is a popular place for travelers to stop on they way down the Northern Highway. The Na Pali Inn is famous for its hospitality and the locals are a friendly and welcoming. The local gossip usually centers around the weather or the petty corruptions of whoever is the current governor. At the northern end of town is a tall tower inhabited by dragons although they are seldom seen and ignore the little town, and its animals.

The Training Academy

Above the city of Ruushi lies the newbie training academy. For years, this training center has provided superb training for all who enter. Some of the world's greatest heroes swung their first blade or cast their first spell in here. Anyone new to the world should stop by here for basic training.


Long ago, the Alchemists of Modeir were banished to the depths of an old and abandoned mine for experimenting with the art of the Gods - creating life. They were sealed within the Aragnarack Mines by the Order of Modeir, doomed to perish in the dark and barren tunnels.

The Order did not count on the depths of evil genius of the alchemists, who outlasted their guardians and created all manner of hideous part-human beasts to serve them. The faint of heart do not last in these sinister halls.

Haunted Caves

The Haunted Caves are a small network of subterranean caverns, the remnants of a large Elvish gold mine. The mine collapsed centuries in the past, and now the caves are haunted by the ghosts and undead of the miners who perished in the disaster.

Some fell energies are no doubt at work deep in the caverns, to cause the spirits such unrest.

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