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Nodeka Races

Nodeka consists of over 80 unique and individualized races, each with their own set of racial powers and attributes. Below is a description of the base races of Nodeka and their minor and major remortal subraces.

A base race is the race you choose when creating your character. A minor remortal subrace is the race you can become after achieving level 100 on Nodeka. A major remortal subrace is the race you can become after achieving level 100 as a minor remortal. Each of the base races has one minor remortal subrace and one or more major remortal subraces.

What is a race?

A race can be thought of as a species - when creating a character on Nodeka, you can choose which race you would like to be. Each race has a distinct set of racial powers and attributes. As a character advances in Nodeka (gains levels) and remorts those racial powers and attributes grow.


Minor Remort: Demon / Angel
Major Remort: Arch-Angel / Daimonikos

While the human at first seems to be the most simple and the weakest of all existing Nodekian races, there is much more to these creatures than meets the eye. Underneath the fleshy exterior of these austere beings is the ability to ascend to greatness and the ability to fall to tremendous power.

The human who chooses to ascend to the next level of existence and chooses the path of heavenly power will find peace and harmony amongst the clouds. They acquire beautiful wings of fantastic power and a control of the divine light that few will ever know or experience. These are truly the most holy of beings ever known.

However, the human who chooses the fall from grace, and chooses the path of the darkness finds themselves granted with power beyond imagination. Deep in the heart of places most foul, the human is malformed into a creature of such evil, few will even speak its name. They gain the strength of an army, a vicious spiked tail, and wings of malicious power. The more aged of these beasts gain a control of dark energies so deadly, some have been known to destroy themselves trying to control it.

These are the true paths of the human. While they are born crude and simplistic beings, their lives are predestined to wield the power of the light or bring the fury of the darkness. You would do well to remember this, for the human you push aside today could return as the angel who saves your soul, or the demon who devours it tomorrow.


Minor Remort: Green Elf / Grey Elf
Major Remort: Elven Guard / Silver Elf

Elves have many exceptional qualities in both the pursuit of might and the pursuit of magic. While elves have no physical strength leverage over other creatures, their speed and natural resilience in the physical arena and magical arena can grow to massive proportions. The learning path of the elf begins rather simple, but by their second remortal tier becomes extremely challenging.

Ryvens, or the more advanced, Ryfes, are muscle-bound, blue skinned, blue haired humanoids of average stature. Ryvens are also known as "blue roots", because of their blue colored skin and their "tree-like" physical strength.

The ryvens are one of the most physically powerful races in all of Nodeka.
The ryvens possess great physical strength and great constitutional strength. Through the combination of these two strengths, they manage to do a great deal of damage and continue doing that damage for an unprecedented amount of time.

Due to their unearthly constitutional strength they possess an endurance regenerative power that is nothing short of unbelievable.

These creatures make fierce warriors.

Minor Remort: Kor Ryven
Major Remort: Ryfe

The kedoeji are a humanoid race which has strong ties to the mystical. The kedoeji's magical understanding is spread over several areas of magic rather than being focused on one specific form of magic. These red-skinned, magical-eyed humanoids have innate arcane powers superseding most other races.

To begin, the kedoeji have strong magical sight which allows them to see multiple kinds of undetectable creatures. In addition to their magical sight, they possess magical regeneration, magical attacks and magical defenses. Lastly, they possess magical visions which aid them in attacking with much more success than others. Some say the kedoejis' attacks are so willfully directed, they cannot be avoided.

A fast, agile and willful race, the kedoeji are a unique mystical breed.

Minor Remort: Red Kedoeji
Major Remort: Sun Kedoeji

The Gnomes are known across the land, to be the only race that overpowers the mind of the Drake. Although Gnomes are physically inadequate to almost any race, there is no race that is mentally stronger than the Gnome. Gnomes have unbelievable resistance to magical attacks and what is considered to be almost ridiculous recuperation of magical energy. As Gnomes have found strength in their mind, they have developed a keen sense of psychic energy which will strike back at any opponent who is foolish enough to underestimate their power simply because they lack physical size. Gnomes are naturally learners, and excel in their chosen profession almost as fast as Humans. Stories have been told that the willpower of the Gnome, is rivaled by none.

Minor Remort: Minoi
Major Remort: Svirfneblin

This is indeed an intriguing race. With an origin shrouded in mystery, there are not many who know where these creatures have come from. Aside from being smaller in stature, with little to no hair, they are very human in appearence. More than once has this caused an unfortunate opponent to underestimate their abilities and power. Unlike the human race, the Gaa'el are a race based on immense mental power. They are able to tap into regions of the mind and psyche that other races don't even know exist. Through this incredible mental power, they have found ways to focus their mind beyond the pain of searing fire and above the mystic realm of magics. As the Gaa'el grow in size and age, their mind naturally assists them in ignoring damage from the physical realm as well. Through intense study, the Gaa'el have learned a way to inflict severe damage physically as well, by concentrating heavily on their own hands and thrusting forward at an opponent with a quiver type attack. It is also rumored that as the willpower of the Gaa'el increases, they are able to mask themselves to the eyes of the world, gaining the power of invisibility.

Minor Remort: Dayenar
Major Remort: Koj'ehr


Minor Remort: Onillin I
Major Remort: Onillin Ti

The time benders. The onillin's origin is as clouded as the gaa'el's. One thing is clear, the onillin have warred with the gaa'el for hundreds, if not thousands of years. These two warring races perhaps were born from the same breed. Legend tells that they diverged and different traits were born from them.
The onillin are a winged humanoid. Yet, their wings do not grant them flight, only attack. It has been said that the onillin's winged attack is superior to that of any other race. These winged creatures are willed, quick and agile.

But it is not their wings that make them so unique, it is their ability to alter time. Little is known of this power, except that the onillin have been known to perform actions in speed that is impossible for any, but themselves.

A strange and curious race ...

Bakkalus Thoe
Thoe: A race of peace, a race of defense, a race of patience. The thoe are small creatures, somewhat resembling a human - but with peaceful intentions. The thoe acquire peace by simple preservation. Few creatures can harm them severely, even fewer can kill them.
Yet the thoe are not an aggressive race, they seek peace above all else. In this, they stay at peace with other races by being faster, by being more agile and having an imperviousness to all forms of attack that every race can be envious of. The thoe became resistant all forms of attack due to their self-disciplined history. A race that has burned imperviousness to all forms of damage simply by exposing themselves to it. A race destined to outlive all races.

Minor Remort: Thoe-qal
Major Remort: Thoe

The jerof breed is a difficult one to describe. They are known as outstanding spiritual fighters. This would explain their uncanny levels of accuracy and mental concentration. The jerof have strong minds and are dexterous in a way that is rarely seen. While humanoid, the jerof are considered a sister race of the weretiger. There seems to be some bond between the two races, although nothing is concretely known about their relationship to one another. The jerof are not predators, nor are they prey. They are warriors, with an inclination towards spiritual growth.

Minor Remort: Jerowae
Major Remort: Jerof of Noha

At one time the thieves in the land gathered together to fight off the Vl'lak Mercenaries which were invading Ruushi. Of these thieves, very few were not of the Hobbit race. Needless to say, Hobbits are quick fingered beings whose dexterity is unparalleled by any breed, animal or humanoid. Hobbits' increased natural dexterity and speed allow for increased attacking potency in battle. It is rumored that Hobbits will hastily attack more effectively than the Elf, Drow, or Half-Elf combined. Gossip also leaves tails of Hobbits not Thieves or Mercenaries attaining some sort of critical attack, but none of this hearsay has been verified as only bodies have been strewn in the path of the vicious Hobbits who once traveled there. Know this, a Hobbit may lack greater strength in combat, but they will almost always hit their target.

Minor Remort: Stoor
Major Remort: Thain

Long ago, a particular clan of the Elven population was cast out of their homeland and forced to live underground. This population has grown into what is known as the Drow race. While living underground for generations, the Drow acquired many advanced racial powers, the most outstanding is their night vision coupled with a strong resistance to any form of magic. While the Drow are still decendants of the same breed as Elves, they gain massive quickness bonuses, as well as enhanced dexterity, agility, and speed. Not quite as fast as their Elven counterparts, the Drow are, however, stronger, both physically and mentally (willpower). The Drows life span turns first toward the Albino Drow and finally, Matron or Veldruk. It has been rumored that these beings have acquired cunning which even the Elves themselves lack in understanding. These rumors have not been foretold by what was seen of the mysterious creatures, but rather in what a newly born Drow is capable of. Imagine if that power were to be greatly enhanced.

Minor Remort: Drow of the Blue Blood
Major Remort: Dark Elf / Veldruk

Along with their grotesque appearance, Trolls' natural strength in combat is so immense it is almost considered grotesque as well to the creature engaged against them. Hearsay tells us Trolls physical regeneration is powerful enough to regrow mass tissue loss, organs, and even the occasional limb. While trolls mental strength is equivalent to that of a vegetable, their natural strength, resistance to physical damage, and unearthly racial attack power, makes them almost unstoppable in a vigor based battle. Trolls are very deadly, but due to their insatiable appetite for battle, they require more training than most other races.

Minor Remort: Troglodyte
Major Remort: Droll


Minor Remort: Sylph
Major Remort: Sprite

Although seemingly useless, Pixies have much more power than most races, other than the Elves, would believe. The only race that exceeds the quickness of the Weretiger, Pixies will be hit in battle by only the master marksmen. What Pixies lack in strength, they make up in force, as their explosive attacks would reflect. Flight is a natural ability for all Pixies, as well as being able to emit a light of holiness from their body. Being small, Pixies can conceal themselves from others quite easily, and protect their bodies from some attempts of paralysis or stun. The downside of the Pixie is that they are quite frail and not considered hearty by any means. Later in life, Pixies can transform into Sylphs, and then perhaps venture into the life of the Sprite.

The Undead have chosen to extend their natural life beyond what was mortally possible. These creatures are much more difficult to kill than a normal being. However, they are much more susceptible to magic, and there is a possibility that they will suffer greater loses than other beings. All other types of slaying, other than magical, hurt less and there is a chance they can completely avoid dying altogether. As well as having a certain level of 'immortality' Undeads also have a natural psychic shield attacking the mind of any who are foolish enough to take a stand against an Undead on the battlefield. This shield is due to deterioration and rebuilding of their mental facilities after they have been killed (the first time).

Minor Remort: Liche
Major Remort: Liche Lord

Cloud Giant
The giants of the clouds is best how to describe these beings. They dwell within the skies and thus have the natural ability of flight. With size comes power, as Cloud Giants have unreal physical powers of damage which, at various times during battle, are seen. Cloud Giants are stronger than their brother race, the Frost Giant, but lack their counterpart's intellectual powers. Giants in general have the ability to sometimes ignore incoming physical attacks, due to their immense size, or resist a certain amount of incoming damage to their physical self. Giants of the Clouds are clearly much more resistant to lightning based attacks, since their natural habitat is in constant contact with storms. Clearly giants, in general, are very powerful, but increase in power at a slow rate. They advance in levels at a moderate rate but have greatness beyond what simple beings could normally assertain.

Minor Remort: Wind Titan
Major Remort: Storm Wielder

Frost Giant
Living in the tundras of the Nodekian realm, Frost Giants emerged many generations ago, and were feared by all. What Frost Giants lack in strength they compensate for in willpower. Frost Giants are not of the foolish nature that their brother race, the Cloud Giant, is. Although not as physically strong as the Giants of the Clouds, Frost Giants have other faucilities which make them equally or more powerful in combat. Being more willed then other Giants, Frost Giants have mastered the power of frost breath, which allows them at times to release frost upon their enemies inflicting high amounts of damage. As well as frost based attacks, Frost Giants can inflict massive amounts of physical damage in combat, as well as resist physical, and the obvious, frost based attacks. Frost Giants are particularly vulnerable to fire, and fear the Red Drake more than any other race. Allied with Blue Drakes, Frost Giants have been known to show exceptional understanding in the art of magic, as well as physical combat. There is no profession which is beyond the grasp of the Frost Giant.

Minor Remort: Titan of Ice
Major Remort: Arctic Colossus

Red Drake
The red drake is one of the most feared races. Red drakes have physical, magical and spiritual prowess, which makes them nearly unbeatable when approached by a creature of the same experience.

Red drakes excel in many areas, however, their use of fire attacks and resistance to fire based attacks makes them exceptionally unique.

Red drakes are about the size of a human and have the form of a dragon.

Minor Remort: Fire Drakontos
Major Remort: Crimson Draco

Blue Drake
The blue drake is of the same lineage as the red drake, but does not follow the same destructive path as its racial counterpart.

Blue drakes at times have been known to even assist other races in fighting their wars, healing their wounded, or protecting them from whatever harm comes their way.

While blue drakes have the same racial abilities as the red drake, the blue drake has been known to choose its breath as its main focus of energy. That being so, blue drake breathe frost with no more than a thought, although they lack more consistent use of their tail and wings as weapons.

Blue drakes are about the size of a human and have the form of a dragon.

Minor Remort: Ice Drakontos
Major Remort: Frost Dragon

The Weretiger is indeed a powerful race. Weretigers are an ancient breed of beings that were changelings formed permanently into a human-tiger variation. Although they lack many higher mental facilities that other races acquire, the tiger within promotes strength, speed, dexterity and agility. Arguably, the most agile of all the known races, the Weretiger can lash out many cunning strikes at once, while still remaining light-footed enough to avoid incoming attacks. Although they have obtained cat-like agility, they do show weakness in their mental prowess. This is most notably their one major drawback. It is rumored that the Weretigers are either allies or enemies of the Gargoyles. As the Gargoyles have vanished for sometime now, only those Weretigers of ancient descent know the true history behind these two archaic races.

Minor Remort: Jaiet Weretiger
Major Remort: Weretiger Khan

Black Drake
The most unknown of all the drakes. The black drake is rarely seen, and therefore little is known about this race.

Black drakes, while it is rumored they never attack with their tail, have an amazing ability to hide their presence no matter where they are, this is partial due to their smaller size than the other drakes, as well as being caused by what some have claimed as a "magical aura."

Among other things, black drakes have been known to be able to take immense physical damage and leave completely unscathed.

While not as physically strong or hearty as their counterparts, black drakes have been known to move with incredible agility and grow to be the most powerful masters of magic.

Black drakes are about the size of a human and have the form of a dragon.

Minor Remort: Dark Drakontos
Major Remort: Shadow Derkesthai

The ancient defender. Gargoyles have been around since the beginning of time itself, and have chosen the life of protecting the innocent. While these stone-like creatures are natural defenders, they are also natural killers. At times, usually surprising even the Gargoyle itself, these great beasts unleash a blistering attack dubbed the "Gargoyle's Fury." Based on the power of the beasts will, this fury can be quite deadly in aged and learned Gargoyles. Born with mighty wings, the Gargoyle learns at a young age not only to fly, but also that their wings serve them well in combat. Also being beasts of pure strength, they are able to occasionally strike an opponent with colossal power. While the stone-skin of the Gargoyle protects them from fire and physical attacks, it also makes them fully vulnerable to the power of magic. While Gargoyles gain incredible quickness bonuses and natural resistance bonuses, they are not recommended for those new to the realm of Nodeka.

Minor Remort: Onyx Protector
Major Remort: Obsidian Guardian


The jadior are beings endowed with a magical, light based energy. This light outlines their entire bodies and also gives them some distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Due to the jadior's magical, light based energy they have enhanced strength and do exceptionally enhanced damage in combat. The jadior also possess great wisdom. Some argue their wisdom is what has allowed them to empower themselves with their light based energy.

However, the jadior's lifeline is tied to their light energy. Because of this, even the slightest damage to their light-based outline on their physical body is greatly magnified. This is perhaps the jadior's greatest weakness - they do not excel well in combat without the aid of someone (or something) protecting them from incoming damage.

Through the jadior's light based energy, they can seek out individuals from afar and identify their current state (using the 'affects' command on targets outside of their current room).

Last but not least, due to their magnified wisdom, the jadior adapt to combat quickly. With this, they can sometimes prevent incoming attacks altogether.

Minor Remort: Risen Jadior
Major Remort: Jadior of Light

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