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Event (2/23/2021): Gold, exp, and sun!
- 2x gold and experience
- 4x sun stones on all donations

Update 2/11/2024:
- Important: Our sincerest apologies, but due to the power outage last week the Nodeka server experienced a server data failure. The good news is that all player files are intact from a backup on January 29th, 2024. We'll introduce something that reimburses the active players for the two weeks loss of progress in the coming weeks. Thanks and welcome back, Nodekians!

Update 4/4/2021:
- Nodeka now places one second of lag upon players for *each* item they have in their inventory beyond their maximum capacity on item based commands (e.g., "inventory", "get", etc.).

Update 2/23/2021:
- Deities are coming ...

Update 1/22/2021:
- Black magic of prolonging is currently disabled.

Update 4/27/2019:
- Reign of spirit is now trainable beyond 100%.

Update 4/21/2019:
- Summoning of the grey has been improved slightly such that the follower created by it has slightly improved stats.

Update 4/7/2019:
- The shielded aylakia run time decrement bug has been fixed.
- The hyper-unique period has ended and a new double gold, exp, stones event has begun!

Update 2/16/2019:
- Hyper-unique period through the end of March. During this time all donations reward 3x infuscated marbles.

Update 1/5/2019:
- Nodeka is moving on January 11th! As such, Nodeka may be down for a few days from Jan. 11th - Jan. 18th while we re-establish our IPs and DNS. For updates, check http://justingottschlich.com We likely will have the non-bound DNS IP address the day of the move, which you'll be able to connect to directly. Check the above website for details.

Update 7/1/2018:
- Natural attunement has additional benefits and has notable strength in training beyond 100%.

Update 6/23/2018:
- Super summer deal! For two weeks only (6/23 - 7/7), all donations will receive 3x stones! In addition, any character who maxes out in donations for either June or July donations while the 3x stones is active, will receive an extra 1x on all stones (a total value of 4x stones!). Lastly, gem costs are at a reduced rate *and* one character will be selected at random each day during this event period and receive a random number of additional gems up to 1,000!

Update 5/11/2018:
- Change in 2x damage: now it only applies to PCs and their NPC followers. That is, NPCs no longer do 2x damage.

Update 4/16/2018:
- Improved race: oji-oem - keepers of the word.

Update 4/13/2018:
- Rune-ring has been improved for beyond 100% training.

Update 3/25/2018:
- New feature: when a player has reached the maximum number of augments for the first tier, he/she will open up a new set of sun stone modifications that were previously hidden. Although these modifications are permanent, they are extremely costly! Each modification has its own unique base cost, incremental cost, and maximum number of improvements. These modifications can be accessed using the normal sun stone command: "stones sun" -> list the options for sun stones "stones sun, xxxx" -> use stones to improve one of the categories However, keep in mind, that until you reach the maximum number of augments for the first tier, they will be hidden and unaccessible to you. Good luck!

Update 3/24/2018:
- New bifold wizard spell: wizard's violence

Update 3/23/2018:
- New event from 3/23 - 5/1:
- 3x gold on mobs, 3x platinum on donations
- Conjure deity has been improved to include consideration of the user's wisdom
- Red robes of the mjol has notably reduced prevention time and a significant boost in caster-based bonuses and increased randomization

Update 1/11/2018:
- New event from 1/11 - 3/10:
- 2x gold, exp, and infuscated marbles (on all donations)
- Hyper unique items possible on drops and when using marbles
- Hyper salvage drops

Update 10/14/2017:
- More scrounger gnomes have set up shop in the Aur-Vindi crafting guild for your salvaging convenience!

Update 10/2/2017:
- A variety of schematics have been added, allowing for crafting gemstones to be converted. The Magnificent Osbert in Aur-Vindi possesses the necessary scrolls to get you started.

Update 9/17/2017:
- Ataghan of inheritance, staff of the gate, and Lorhus's claymore have been increased in power, again! :)

Update 9/3/2017:
- Ataghan of inheritance, staff of the gate, and Lorhus's claymore have been increased in power, especially for training beyond 100%. More to come ...

Update 9/2/2017:
- The duration of the anti-nim affect has been significantly reduced.
- Highwayman's speed and hand of the thieves guild now have the potency to reduce the affects of anti-nim. Highwayman's speed is based on both the user's skill % and the user's affect and will actively reduce the anti-nim duration even when the affect is not active. However, hand of the thieves guild only has the chance to reduce the impact of anti-nim when it is active.

Update 9/1/2017:
- Nim has been changed in a fundamental way. First, once nim is used on an mob, successfully or not, the mob is made aware of the nimming attempt and no further nims are possible on that mob for a period of time (see the mob's affects). Secondly, when nim is successfully executed on a mob, it draws from a special nim pool, separate from the mob's gold pool. This means players who are aiming to kill mobs can simulateneously run an area that a nimmer is running. Additionally, a nimmer can nim and then subsequently kill the mob for extra gold. This also means that nimmers who don't end up slaying mobs will likely need to rotate through more areas due to their inability to nim a given mob more than once (which Nijlo likes a lot, due to their special resistence to the run-time affects all other classes are impacted by). :) Hooray! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Update 8/20/2017:
- After receiving numerous requests, we've increased the extra infuscated marbles during the 8/19-9/15 event from 2x to 4x! All donations made between 8/19-8/20 have been retroactively increased on the marbles they've received to be 4x instead of the original 2x.

Update 8/7/2017:
- Spiritual judgement now has powerful effects for beyond 100% training.
- Undefiled benignity now has powerful effects for beyond 100% training.

Update 7/15/2017:
- The gold cap for nim has been raised fairly substantially. However, we will continue to adjust it as necessary (even if that means reducing it some).

Update 6/11/2017:
- Hum ofValkyries Bastion has been changed, slightly.

Update 5/5/2017:
- The preventions for glacious stones have been broken into separate categories:
- glacious stones - pool (when restoring health, endurance, etc.)
- glacious stones - run time (when clearing run time)
- glacious stones - daily prize (when clearing daily prize prev) This means you may now use all three together, while the pool prevention is the shortest and the daily prize is the longest.

Update 4/30/2017:
- You can now use five glacious stones to clear your run time affect. This can be done, at most, once every five hours.
- The run time algorithm has been changed. It now has the following values: Hour 1: 300% experience / gold (previously 200%) Hours 2-4: 150% experience / gold (previously 125%) Hours 5-8: 100% experience / gold (same) Hours 9-12: 50% experience / gold (previously 80%) Hours 13-16: 25% experience / gold (previously 50%) Hours 16-24: 5% experience / gold (previously 10%) See "help run time" for more details.

Update 4/29/2017:
- Trewan of the rising forest has been increased in its prevention time. This means when using this ability, the user will be unable to use it again for a longer period of time than before this change.
- Ruan awareness and combat instinct now have 1/2 round lag when their affects are active as opposed to having 0 lag.
- Cleric's heavenly smiting now usually will have lag associated with it. However, if the user's ability % is high enough, sometimes when it is used it will be lagless. The higher the user's ability %, the higher the chance for lagless execution.

Update 4/18/2017:
- The bot check system is no longer automatically active. In addition, the last pk system has been changed to encourage mass PK of botters. See "help run time" and "help bot check" for more details.

Update 3/12/2017:
- Due to numerous requests, we have begun hyper unique month! During this time all unique items have increased chances of being more powerful than usual (e.g., use of infuscated marbles on items can improve items to levels not normally achievable). Hyper unique month will likely run until the end of March. Maybe longer? For more details see "help unique" and keep in mind that hyper uniques are even more powerful than super uniques, but their complete details are secret.

Update 2/26/2017:
- Fenrir has returned to Nodeka. He will be resuming his previous duties in charge of mortal affairs. Details: As some of you may know, Fenrir left the immortal staff in 2014 but continued to play Nodeka thereafter. Later, he (using his mortal) caused some disturbance on Nodeka in 2015. Because of this and in spite of after years of outstanding service, his mortal was deleted and he was banned from the game. Over the last few months, starting with a dialogue with Nijlo, Fenrir has been actively working on Nodeka and with Nijlo behind the scenes. During this time his mortal was reinstated and he recently asked for his immortal to be reinstated. Whim and Nijlo spent several weeks discussing this and finally came to the conclusion that given Fenrir's superior track record prior to the incident in 2015 and his continued and sincere desire to assist Nodeka that we would allow his return upon two conditions. First, that regardless of any outcome he will remain professional at all times, which he has promised. Second, that he send a formal apology to all of Nodeka for his prior behavior. He has fulfilled both terms and his apology is as follows:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To all Nodeka players, As many of you know I stepped down three years ago from my Immortal Position. In the following year I continued to play my Mortal character towards the end of this time I became frustrated and used my position to sabotage Nodeka and undermine Nijlo. My actions were unprofessional, inexcusable and truly unbefitting of a member of the Nodeka staff, active or not. There is no apology I can offer that will do justice to make up for my actions, I truly regret what transpired and can never make up for what I did. I would like to request of you to allow me to return and with the efforts of Nodeka staff attempt to rebuild some rapport with you the players, whom without this game would not be around, and make Nodeka better. Fenrir
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- We are excited to have Fenrir return to Nodeka and are moving forward in a disciplined and measured fashion to ensure we do not have a repeat of the incident of 2015. What Fenrir has done by making a formal and public apology to the entire game is no easy task. It takes an incredible amount of humility and courage. We ask that you give him your support as he transitions back to his former role.

Update 2/5/2017:
- Crash bug fixed.

Update 2/4/2017:
- Lay hands now has strong benefits for beyond 100% training. In addition, its base cost has been increased.

Updated abilities list to show training beyond 100% for Tholec's rising, singularity of fate and singularity of focus have benefits. Thanks Odinn.

Update 1/22/2017:
- Added code in attempt to fix these mysterious Nodeka stall events that currently require reboots.

Update 1/15/2017:
- Training beyond 100% now improves weave of balance uptime.

Update 1/10/2017:
- Platinum rewards for Invasion events have been strongly increased.

Update 1/6/2017:
- Extending hyper triple through 1/31 due to January lottery!

Update 1/1/2017:
- The last pk system has been changed in the following way. If a player PKs another player, the killer's name is removed from the victim's last pk list (assuming it is on it).
- New super map will become active for characters who receive $250 or more in donations over an entire year. For more information, see "help super map."

Update 12/31/2016:
- Fixed a bug with rank calculations for skills and spells of characters who had trained beyond 100% for their second or third sub-classes.

Update 12/30/2016:
- New Year and January Lottery: We will be running the following throughout the month of January (and for the final days of December). 1. Triple sun stones for all donations (through January 31st). 2. We will be holding weekly lotteries each Saturday of each week of January at midnight PST (including a special Saturday and Sunday pick for Dec 31 and Jan 1). Each $50 donation made on a given character will grant that character a ticket in the lottery (e.g., donate $50, get 1 ticket; donate $200, get 4 tickets) for the week's lottery in addition to the normal donation. All donations already made in December will be applied to BOTH lotteries of December 31 and January 1. There will be 1 carryover character per week. See "help lottery" for more information. Note: tickets are given to the character the donation is placed, irrespective of if the owner of that character made the donation. One winner will be selected each week. There will be SIX winners for the months of Dec./Jan. and one character may win the lottery more than once (e.g., Nijlo wins on week 1 and week 4 and gets two prizes). Winners will be selected on these days and their names will be placed at the top of the MOTD.
- 11:59pm PST, Saturday, December 31 (TOMORROW)
- 11:59pm PST, Sunday, January 1
- 11:59pm PST, Saturday, January 7
- 11:59pm PST, Saturday, January 14
- 11:59pm PST, Saturday, January 21
- 11:59pm PST, Saturday, January 28 Each winner will be given a very special prize! Prizes will be a lottery themselves based on the following spin of the wheel:
- 1,000,000 platinum
- 100 sun stones (can be split across characters)
- 50 infuscated marbles (can be split across characters)
- +500 to any pool (up to aug max, can be divided)
- +10 to any stat (up to aug max, can be divided)
- +100% in a skill / spell of your choosing (up to aug max, can be divided)
- A random super uniqued improvement to any item you already own (you must have the item) Lottery prizes will be distributed to all winners after the January lotteries are complete. (Note: donation caps are removed this month for people who want to exceed the limit.)

Update 12/26/2016:
- Radical defiance coupled with defying prayer now no longer induces a loss of power when radical defiance is trained over 100%.

Update 12/17/2016:
- Infuscated marbles can no longer be used on unsavable items (e.g., ataghans, tridents, etc.).

Update 12/3/2016:
- New event: hyper salvage drops and 3x sun stone donation period!
- Due to the overwhelming positive feedback of the increased PvP rewards, we have decided to leave them in place (perhaps permanently), although the PK timeouts have been increased back to their original duration.

Update 10/30/2016:
- Magus warshell is now usable in combat.
- New planar sage spell: Lectokke's focus. See 'help lectokke's focus' for more details.

Update 10/29/2016:
- Halloween treat! 3x sun stones and 3x marbles on all donations from October 29 - November 3.

Update 10/9/2016:
- New skill for highway bandit: highwayman's speed.
- The cost of combat instinct has been reduced by 2/3rds and it is now trainable over 100%.

Update 10/1/2016:
- Happy October thieves! Nim has been permanently changed so the lag for successful nims is reduced by roughly 50% of what it used to be for expert class nimmers.

Update 9/24/2016:
- Illuminated lightning now has benefits for beyond 100% training.

Update 9/4/2016:
- Crystalline winds, red firebeam, and holy hammer have been improved, slightly.
- Mercurial spirit-lightning and mystic wand of fleetness have been toned, slightly.

Update 8/28/2016:
- The "who" list has been reworked a bit.
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