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Players Online: 13 Quests: 421 Bounties: 0
Nodeka's client :: Recommended for expert players

Other MUD clients are listed below. These clients also allow users to perform actions more quickly and create complex actions and scripts. Nodeka recommends all its players to use a MUD client in order to make playing Nodeka more enjoyable:

Elf :: Windows (shareware)
GMUD :: Windows (shareware)
JMC 3.0 (Jaba) :: Windows (freeware)
Portal :: Windows (shareware)
Rapscallion :: Macintosh (shareware)
tintin++ :: UNIX (freeware)
TinyFugue :: Unix/Win3 (freeware)
Wintin :: Windows (freeware)
zMUD :: Windows (shareware)

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