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Nodeka consists of over 120 unique and individualized classes, each with their own set of skills and spells. Below is a description of the 18 base classes of Nodeka and their 100+ minor and major remortal subclasses.

A base class is the class you choose when creating your character. A minor remortal subclass is the class you can become after achieving level 100 on Nodeka. A major remortal subclass is the class you can become after achieving level 100 as a minor remortal. Each of the 18 base classes has one minor remortal subclass and five major remortal subclasses. The five major remortal subclasses offers you the option to "choose" which major remortal subclass best suits your individual taste.

What is a class?

A class can be thought of as a profession - when creating a character on Nodeka, you can choose which class you would like to be. Each class has a distinct set of skills and spells it can use. As a character advances in Nodeka (gains levels), more skills and spells become available to that character. Nodeka has over 300 unique skills and spells which are distributed to the classes, creating an array of complexity and diversity among players.

Paladin (also known as Lo-fent)

None match the righteous strength of the paladin. None match their vigorous drive to thwart evil. None match their holy ambition to stamp out evil wherever it may hide.

The paladin are holy crusaders with righteous powers both physically and magically awesome. Some of their abilities are; holy light, deific amelioration, inviolable asylum, spiritstone and divinity.

The defenders of the holy light. The paladin gives his life to the most holy of gods, and spends his life bringing the light to the wicked. The belief system of the paladin is based on one simple, basic premise: cleanse the world of evil by unleashing the true power of the light. These holy warriors believe the only true way to drive the darkness from the land is to blind it with the brilliance of the gods and then extinguish it with the fires that light brings. They spend their existence learning various spells and combat techniques that will bring them more in touch with and in greater control of their god given power, with the constant hope that this new knowledge will be the one thing that will lead them to victory. The paladin will not rest until evil and darkness have been driven from the realm of Nodeka forever. They know so long as there is breath in their lungs and blood in their veins, the hands of the gods will push them ever forward, guiding their blade to the heart of whatever evil they face. While their fanatical devotion to the way of the light can sometimes cause them to seem overconfident, even pompous, do not mistake this for a weakness. The paladin has every reason to be confident in battle, as would any warrior with the given the blessings of the gods of light.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


High Lo-fent

White Dragoon



Lo-fent, Lightseeker



Sentinel of the Halo



Deistic Lo-fent



Warred Lo-fent

Wizard (also known as Mjol)

Who can withstand the mental dominance of the wizard? The wizard rivals its mental powers with its magical strength - both concepts completely separate from one another. The wizard possesses powers such as, weave of balance, conjure elemental, broken vorpal-dimension, page of competence turning.

The masters of the mind. There are none more skilled in the mental arts than the wizard. Their lifelong belief that the mind is the most powerful weapon in the realm, has over time forged some deadly, dangerous spellcasters. They believe the body can and will grow weak, and frail. They believe the spirit is fallible, capable of being broken down and shattered. The mind, however, is a different story. They believe there is nothing known in existence that can rob one of their mental power, save perhaps for a stronger mind. It is this that drives the wizard always forward, always seeking that knowledge that will allow them access to every chamber, every level, every corner of the mind. Once this complete control of the psyche is obtained, the wizard will naturally become the most powerful being in all the land. Mind over matter is simply not enough for the wizard. In the end, the only true victory is mind over mind.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Second Order Mjol

Circle Mjol



Mjol of the Red Robe



Mjol of Summoning



Link Mjol



Heaven Mjol


These powerful females have magical abilities that range from wondrous good magic to dark and sinister, evil magic. The witch is a curious class that can both aid and hex - which allows them to play both sides of any field.

While witches light magic is near that of the daja or fallad, witches dark magic rivals that of the necromancer. Witches are cunningly powerful beings.

Witches are equally balanced in both offensive and defensive magic. Witches have the ability to leave their body and visit other realms with their mind alone. They also have the capacity to transport their entire body to any location they see fit. However, the most important of the witch traits is their ability to summon powers of the elements which empower them to be incredibly useful to anyone. Witches are rumored to be the counterpart of the Bishop in terms of raw power that is beneficial to not only themselves, but to others, as well. Along with being a female-only class, witches would not be complete without having a broom to be summoned at will. Some have told stories of seeing the Witches Broom not only offer flight to its master, but also protect them in battle, inflicting damage relative to their Witches own strength. Witches being partial split in arcane focus and mental focus, they can both cast and invoke spells as they wish. Witches are enforced to maintain evil or good alignment to allow their full arsenal of powers. If they fall outside of the scope of order or chaos, their wicked powers will temporarily depart.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal









Sea Hag



Witch of Wonderment



Oracle of Weird

Healer (also known as Daja)

The holy cleric. In addition to their god-like healing powers, the healer has control over powerful followers through their willed protector ability, and the prayer of guardianship - which calls forth a truly powerful being. Healers have an array of offensive skills and spells as well as utility abilities which rival any class. Healers are an asset to any group, but can travel alone without any trouble due to their controlled followers and offensive abilities.

The counterpart of the fallad, the daja is another of the angelic healers of the realm. Like their counterpart, they seek to drive the darkness and evil from the world. However, where the fallad would prefer to use force and power, the daja chooses a more passive, curative path. While the sword can bring balance to chaos, the sword can shatter, and be rendered useless. The daja believes the true way to free the world from the shadows is to keep the sword pure and unyielding, so that it may continue to do battle for the light. They have mastered the art of healing, to various states and degrees, to ensure the warriors they accompany will never fall. Yet, even though these more peaceful healers chooses to avoid combat if possible, doesn't mean they will yield to incoming danger. If the situation arises, a daja can be a formidable foe.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Dajain Abbess

Dajain Angel



Radial Daja



Daja of Battle



Daja of the Order of Light



Daja Healer


The monk is a class focused on solidarity, spiritual concentration and physical harmony. From those traits blossoms mastery in both the spiritual and physical realm. The monk, more than any other class, is a master of unarmed combat. Fighting mostly barehanded, monks are deadly opponents whose skills and spells range from stun and temple touch to strike of the black arts and qekon-oku.

The silent, stoic warrior. The monk believes that there is no greater weapon then its own body. They are taught from an early age that while the sword may be sharp, it is made by man, and can be shattered, dulled. The hand, however, the hand is like iron, forged by the spirit, this can never be broken and will forever remain sharp. The monk believes that the more pure the spirit, be it pure good or pure evil, the stronger the body that spirit is bound to. So long as the spirit stays pure, there is no force in the world that can break the body of the disciplined monk. So take up any weapon you choose, be it the razor-edged sword, the skull-crushing hammer, skin-flaying whip. They are nothing compared to the living weapons residing at the end of the arms of the monk.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal









Monk of the Mystic Arts



Darkhand Monk



Shepherd of the Way


The poliir is a mystical fighter of code. Rumors have passed that they are unkillable and perhaps these rumors are true. Those who believe the poliir is weak because they derive strength from defense, have never seen the 'awakening of the guard'. Amongst their arsenal of skills and spells are; radiant awakening, uprooting maneuver, focused sphere and celestial ray.

Nothing more defines the poliir than the mystical code he or she lives by. Good or evil, the poliir is willed to act by no creature. Poliirs are defined by their sense of inner self, and thus only act to fulfill their own self defined code.

As a class, the poliirs have incredible defensive powers, so strong that they have been rumored to stand alone at the top of defensive prowess amongst classes. But poliirs are not without offensive, in fact their primary defense is what grants them such overwhelming offensive strength.

Odd, it is, that such a powerful defense could be coupled with such an unearthly offense within a single code driven class. Know this, the poliir is a deadly warrior when awoken to their full power. Such that few can stand against them in battle. Woe to those who stand between these devoted fighters and their ultimate goal, whatever that may be.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Knighted Poliir










Infinity Guardian



Solar Poliir


Armed with the star of the green flame, ice discharge and bolted lightning, sorcerers are masters of the elements. Additionally, sorcerers possess travel magic, offensive ranged spells and a wide variety of utility magic.

While most magic users of the realm of Nodeka focus more on the arcane side of magic, the sorcerer believes there is no stronger magic ally then the elements. The scrolls passed down from generation to generation, written by the great sage Lectokke, teach the sorcerer this true power. His teachings show one how to make fire dance at their command, how to make the very ground they walk on come to life, how to bring forth the lightning to lend it's force in combat, and how to bend ice to their will. There is even rumor that some elders can solidify or even dissipate parts of their bodies at will. It is with this complete arcane control over the elements that the sorcerer stands tall as the most powerful of all the spellcaster classes. While the sorcerer may not swing a hammer with the same ferocity as the barbarian, they hardly need to. They find a shard of ice, firmly planted in the skull of some poor soul equally as effective.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Elemental Sage

Planar Sage



Orange-cloud Sorcerer



Counterspiral Mage



Substance Magus



Frostbladed Sorcerer

Barbarian (also known as Ruanbaere)

Who can thwart the might of the barbarian? In melee combat, none exceed the barbarian's strength. With skills like, insanity, acute might, spartan grapple, vehemence, frenzy and Ishl's thrashing, barbarian's have numerous ways of pummeling their enemies into submission.

When one speaks of the mighty barbarian, there is but one consistency in all words spoken: there is no force more devastating. A different breed of fighter, the barbarian philosophy in battle is fairly simple: if it moves, hit it, and hit it as hard as possible. The barbarian believes in the "right of might" way of combat, and seeks to rid themselves of their enemy as fast as possible by simply beating them into submission. From an early age, the barbarian is taught how to focus his anger into his weapons, to make the weapons a pure extension of his rage, and to use that rage to leave little more than a bloody smear where his opponent once stood. Forgoing skill and subtly in battle, the barbarians are brawlers of the truest sense, which quite possibly is what makes them the most dangerous. There is no way possible to tell what the barbarian is going to do in combat, no way to guess what is coming next, no way to form a defensive battle plan. Once you think you're sure what's coming next, you've already lost, because even the barbarian has no idea what it's going to do. And don't try to reason with a barbarian, not only will they not even hear your words, but before you can finish the thought, you might just end up with a club bashing your teeth in. You see, the other barbarian philosophy is just as simple as the first: kill it first, worry about what it might have wanted later.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal



Mordant Ruanbaere






Ruanbaere of the Fury



Barbaric Ruanbaere



Stoic Ruanbaere

Hunter (also known as Tholec)

The hunter is a master of tracking. Capable of both non-magical and magical, the hunter can fight on many fronts. Having natural hunting instincts and ambush formations, additional powers of lightning control only help raise hunters to a furious class of deception and magical destruction.

Hunters are purebred trackers. While druids have a more intimate relationship to mother nature and her forces, they don't understand her animals like hunters do. From a young age, the hunter studies the beasts of the wild, mastering the strengths of each of the true survivors. They learn the methods the great animals use to become the fiercest competitors in combat. While able to be extremely fluid and agile, they are also able to summon a ferocity that few outside the barbarian can match. It's when all of these abilities are brought together at one time that the true power of the hunter is unleashed.

When the hunter focuses everything it has into combat, they become one of the most powerful, most accurate, most dangerous fighters you can imagine. Oh, and don't believe you can avoid them by simply hiding away in some remote cave. There is no hiding from the hunter. They are able to hunt down their prey with tremendous ease. The eldest hunter is known to cross entire continents without losing the scent of his target, no matter how small the hole it might hide in,
no matter how well hidden it may be. If they truly wish to find you, they will. There are few who have survived the anger of a hunter who has been forced to traverse the world is search of his or her prey.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Tholec of One

Ne'kai Tholec



Tholec of the Hunt



Shadow Tholec



Taiso Tholec



Nomad of the Watch

Druid (also known as Heiton)

Battle has never been so varied as it is with the druid. These foresters possess so many forms of utility, defense and offensive magic, one could argue that no class is so diverse. Among their massive list of abilities are; song of the trees, circle of bane, rite of sundering, cyclone of the guild, blackfrost cloudburst and enclosure of trewan.

There are none more in touch with mother nature and her wild than the druid. A bond forged through the ages, the connection between nature and the druid is much like that of a mother with her child: watching, nurturing, and protecting to the bitter end. Beings of a normally smaller stature, many who come in contact with a druid tend to underestimate what power they hold. The common mistake made is the failure to realize that no matter what the surroundings, the druid is never alone. This mistake is very rarely made twice. When one sees a druid call forth powerful creature from the forest, or watches the trees spring to life around them, moving at the whim of their opponent, the lesson learned is not soon forgotten. That lesson is simple: the druid is never alone and never defenseless. Even in a place where no trees or animals can survive, the druid can call forth to mother nature, seeking the aid of certain elements for both a powerful offense and a tremendous defense. Think twice before seeking to challenge the druid. Those backed by the wrath of mother nature are not so easily defeated.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Heiton Priest

Druidic Heiton



Heiton of Greater Trewan



Quickbolt Heiton



Warding Rain Heiton



Gray-forest Heiton


Warlock (also known as Ataelos)

Fierce battle combatants, armed with reigns of power that none can match. Ataelos are the perfect combination of the fighter-caster and possess dominating mental abilities. Wielders of both the mystical ataghan and the staff of the gate.

None of the caster classes have a better understanding of pure combat than the warlock. While, like the others, the warlock is heavily reliant on their spell casting abilities, they also have an excellent grasp of physical combat. These fighter-casters are able to stand toe-to-toe with some of the toughest of natural fighters.

The spells of the warlock, along with their natural fighting ability, have been known to be a deadly combination. The warlock is able to enhance its physical being like very few can imagine. It's been rumored that the warlock can not only move with the speed and agility of the ninja, but that they can reach pinnacles of strength that match that of the barbarian.

Some ateoli have even been able to obtain an attack resistance that can outshine the mightiest of poliirs. As if this was not enough to contend with, the warlock has a grasp on the mental discipline that can only be matched by the wizard. While the warlock cannot match the mental fury of the wizard, the wizard can by no means match the pure mental focus of the warlock. Warlocks are truly an amazing class. The perfect balance of melee, magic and mental combat.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal



Ataelos of Method



Archimage of War



Vision Guild Warlock






Eon Ataelos


Only the nojohr can study the arts of another and use their own powers against them. Only the nojohr is considered a master of all weapons. Only the nojohr controls the beacons of light allowing him to use the world as his portal. And only the nojohr has the power of Thelgarron's fusing - a unique power that can be used as either offensive or defensive, depending on the strategy the nojohr wishes to implement.

The nojohr is a master of combat.


The nojohr is concerned with one thing, and one thing only: total battle supremacy. The life of the nojohr is one of total and complete devotion to all methods of offense imaginable. They will use any style, any tactic at their disposal, so long as the final outcome of the battle remains the same, with them standing victorious over their fallen foe. They can adapt to any weapon, from a small dagger to a hefty, deadly halberd, and not lose a step in battle. They can swing the largest war club like it was a feather, and strike like thunder with even the smallest dagger. From pure brute force, to speed and finesse, the nojohr has mastered all forms of combat, and is able to switch from one to the other flawlessly. This turns the nojohr into the finest pure fighter, as they can adjust and adapt their methods, taking away any advantage their opponent may have gained, returning again to the dominant position. A true warlord on the battlefield, none will ever be more imposing than the nojohr.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Silver Nojohr




Nojohr Judge



Magos Nojohr



Lernen Nojohr



Silvern Nojohr

Valkyrie (also known as Aylakia)

Not all warriors are graceful - aylakias are the image of graceful. These female warriors are cunning fighters that can match any man (or woman) in combat. With abilities like; valkyrie's agility, archers competence, beguile and seduce - aylakias have many tools to handle enemies with.

Two simple words describe this fierce female fighter: grace and beauty.

None in the realms of Nodeka have the fluid motion and pure body control in combat like the females of this profession. Unlike their male-warrior counterparts, the aylakia is a beautiful sight in combat. Observing a aylakia in combat is akin to watching a dancer on stage. Smooth, calculated attacks, each one with incredible accuracy, each one stronger than the last. Blinding, dizzying movement back and forth, avoiding strike after strike from their quickly frustrating opponent. This is what the aylakia strives for. Power over all others through their beauty, not only in their physical appearance, but in their combat. There are some who say this is the downfall of these great fighters, that their egos will one day take over their fighter's edge. Those are usually the same who find themselves on the razor end of the aylakia's blade, hearing their calls for the afterlife to accept yet another unfortunate


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Golden Valkyrie


Bladed Virago

Furied Aylakia






Shielded Aylakia

Marauder (also known as Khehusod)

Destroyers of all that is holy. Ruiners by nature, bringers of evil by trade. The khehusod are driven to bring chaos forth, wherever it doesn't reside. Some of their chaotic abilities are; stoicism, regional deception, nefarious shift, dark protection, unhallowed scathing and discorded corporeal sinew.

The masters of chaos. Wherever turmoil and confusion reign supreme, you will find a Khehusod in the center of it all, reveling in the glorious madness. The dark warriors of the realm spend their existence learning nefarious arts that turn concentrated, precise combat into mind-twisting, crazed mayhem, thus tipping the scales in their favor. The Khehusod has such control over the chaos they create that they can turn even the most battle savvy nojohr into nothing more than a peasant with a pointed stick, waving frantically away as if it was the first time they had ever held a weapon. Darkness, disarray, and confusion - these are the weapons of the Khehusod, wielded like the sharpest of blades, and used to slice through the very fabric of logic and order, in the hopes of driving the world into pure, undisturbed chaos.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Khehusod of Ti

Khehusod of the Arc






Cloud-ring Khehusod



Eaststar Khehusod



Black Hellion

Ninja (also known as Joufu)

The silent warrior. These spiritual dark killers are a danger to all who stand in their path or who cross their path. With an arsenal of offensive tactics like; yikwon hand form, hurricane kick, ashi baria kick, keiiken and joufu's arc, these dark magical fighters have numerous ways to slay their enemies.

The silent assassins. Since the dawn of war, the joufu have roamed the world in secrecy, keeping their mystic arts and fighting styles hidden away from the prying eyes of the world. In this seclusion they perfected their knowledge in the art of stealth. Through this they understood that the unprepared opponent is indeed the easiest to defeat. They spent countless hours studying the anatomy of every race in existence, so as to use the knowledge of a body's weaknesses to their full advantage. Some joufu have even spent years meditating, seeking contact with the spirits of old, so that they might learn the mystic arts once employed by their ancestors. Those who have made this spiritual connection are said to bring with them the fury of a dragon while in combat. When full mastery of these skills is reached, and a complete understanding of the knowledge of the ancients is obtained, only then is the true joufu is complete. A joufu of this power is not one to be trifled with. Of course, a joufu of this power is more likely to strike before the thought of attack crosses an opponent's mind.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal



Meijin Joufu






Mahoutsukai Joufu



Mist Warrior



Ijiwaru Joufu


How can you fight against what you cannot see?

This question often plague those who fight the footpad. Rarely even seen, these deadly stalkers strike quickly and vanish back into the shadows before their targets realize they were targets at all.

With tools of deception and malice ranging from; blindsided machination, one of four, pivot, cloak, winded passage, critical attack, art of imbalance, thieves' sidestep, singularity of fate and shadow, these hidden warriors of the night are deadly beyond your wildest imagination.

But rarely will one see their treachery to appreciate it.

If stealing and pillaging is your game, then footpad is your name. Footpads steal from all those susceptible to their abilities and have been known to inflict critical blows at will. At higher levels, footpads can lay their powerful, critical strikes multiple times due to increased dexterity and understanding of body control. Like Ninjas, footpads have been rumored to land attacks which can instantly kill their enemy. Footpads are the ultimate of the dexterous and agile classes and thus require very high basic attributes in both dexterity and agility. Footpads also command a high speed ranking coupled with a minor amount of raw strength. These vagabonds also have the ability to sneak up on opponents to inflict immense amount of damage in their ambush attacks. A footpad's great understanding of agility and dexterity allows them to hit much more often than many other classes, as well as being able to avoid many incoming physical attacks.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal



Shadow Rogue






Highway Bandit



Shadow Archer



Nameless One


The fallad is both healer and destroyer. The fallad follows the path of the healer, except with more offense than defense).

The fallad's defense and offense are magnificent. Some of their abilities are; holy analgesic, willed protector, godly mediation, white flames of prayer and creed of the first hammer.

The healers of the realm. Much like the paladin, the fallad seeks to rid the world of all that is evil. However, where the paladin chooses the way of the sword and hammer, the fallad seeks the way of magic and will. They agree that force is the only way to remove the darkness that clouds the land, but they do not believe the sword is enough. They believe the light can only truly be used to return darkness to whence it came. The use of this light must come through the power of the ancient arcane arts. While the sword does indeed destroy the darkness, it does not fully cleanse the evil. The sword will only eliminate the physical presence, leaving behind a spiritual root that will one day return again. The fallad believes that through their magic, that the dark rootings of evil can be severed. Through this severing, all evil can finally be removed from the realm. This is the reasoning that motivates these creatures to learn. And through their learning they gain mastery in both offensive and defensive magics. The fallad is able to protect those who fight along side them, while assisting the offensive side of battle with an array of devastating spells.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Raised Falled




Anointed Healer



Warrior Fallad



Fallad of Vengeange



Light Order, Fallad

Necromancer (also known as Sa'duroth)

Necromancers are the foremost controllers of death. These hideous beings possess ungodly powers that allow them to reanimate corpses and potentially bring forth armies of undead to do their bidding.

Shadows, the demonic Abyss, and the afterlife. None know these better nor have more control in these planes than the necromancer. Evil incarnate, these masters of the undead are possibly the most dangerous caster known to the realm of Nodeka. The shadows of the realm obey the necromancers every command, making it near impossible to hide from one. The bodies of the dead will raise again, bending to the every will of their new master. The strongest denizens of the Abyss bow and crawl at the feet of these dark beings. These foul creatures are even known to feed off the body and soul of their opponents, to gain the upper hand in battle. A battle with the necromancer is not simple a battle, it is a war. A war against the undead, against powerful demons, against dark shadows, and even more deadly, against your own mortal soul.


Minor Remortal

Major Remortal


Sa'duroth of the Occult

Spectral Sa'duroth



Fallen Deacon



Angelic Sa'duroth



Blood Sa'duroth



Sa'duroth of Death

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